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How IT Support Prevents Security Breaches in the Workplace

IT support

Large businesses are in charge of valuable data that if compromised, could cause significant loss and backlash. With recent data breaches at major companies like Bank of America, Yahoo and LinkedIn, no one is truly safe. All companies, big and small, are just as likely to be targeted. Small corporations tend to have lower protections…

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Why Server Support Is Vital For Your Business

server Support

What is Server Support? Servers are places for businesses to store, access, and exchange data. Businesses are dependent on many components for success like computers. Servers are a vital part of any company’s growth. Server support can provide safe and secure storage and communications solutions. It is a valuable investment to businesses of all sizes.…

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Why Data Security Should Be Your #1 Priority

data security

In the age of digital transformation where almost every business has a website, security has never been higher on the priority list for business owners small and big alike. Like many things, some people abide by the rules and use the software correctly. On the other hand, there are some people who break the rules to…

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What To Ask When Hiring An IT Specialist

IT Specialist

These days IT specialists are more important than ever. They manage everything from our computer networks to data security and so much more. For most of us, however, the language of IT specialists is simply something we do not understand. But don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of the most important questions and topics…

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IT Security Myths Busting

IT security myths bust

It’s important that we address one of the greatest challenges for us in reducing cyber security risks. That is the number of fundamental security myths that cause people and organisations to assess threats incorrectly, misallocate resources and make poor risk choices. Dispelling those myths is key to developing a sophisticated, risk-based approach to cyber security.…

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Whats is DaaS & How Your Business Can Benefit From It


Business markets are more competitive than ever. With the adoption of a vast range of enterprise services, large companies are more increasingly becoming more efficient and connected. That said small and medium enterprises often have a hard time keeping up with today’s latest trends in technology especially if they don’t have a dedicated IT staff.…

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3 Effective Strategies to Implement Cloud Migration

cloud migration

Cloud migration is something you’ll likely be attempting in the near future if you haven’t already. The benefit of shifting to a cloud-based IT infrastructure is massive for almost any company, many have already made the switch. However, the process isn’t without struggle. There are a variety of different things to consider such as the…

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Why Backup Recovery is Essential for Your eCommerce

backup recovery

Websites are a company’s front door to the world, and if something were to happen to them, it could become a costly problem. From demonstrating your company’s professionalism to your business partners to selling products to reserving services. It’s essential that your website stays up and running. From hackers to malware to server corruption, at some…

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Benefits of Human Relation IT Management for Your B2C

IT Management

When it comes to running a business and having employees, without the right incentive getting them to maximize their productivity can be difficult. Managers throughout history have tried various methods to interact with their employees in a way that optimizes their output. While there isn’t a concrete answer to the question of how to best…

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Truth or Myth – Managed IT Services Can Benefit Your B2B

managed it services

If you’re running a business with a B2B strategy in place, you need to seriously consider using managed IT services if you aren’t already. With the explosion of new technology, apps, and ways of transferring data, managing your IT has become an enormous task in and of itself. Before there was all this technology, managing…

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