What Is Managed Services?

The question on many of our minds… What is Managed Services? Is Managed Service the best IT support for me?

If you are starting a small business or working with anything related to technology, you have most likely heard the term Managed Service Provider or Managed Services.

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So, What is a managed service provider? Let us explain simply…

  • What you need to know about Managed Services is what a Managed Service Provider offers. Managed Services, in a nutshell, means they can proactively manage and address most of the issues with computer systems before they even occur.  For a predictable monthly maintenance fee unique to the business.


  • Simply put… MSP will keep an eye on your network and prevent problems before they occur. It’s like having a full time IT support team without the overhead. Therefore making it affordable IT support for your small business.


With a better understanding of what is a managed service, the next question on your mind is most likely… Is MSP is right for you?

  • Well, for starters it is the most affordable IT support in Los Angeles and just about everywhere! Consequently it’s no longer needed to pay big bucks every time something goes wrong and trusting an IT support company with your important data. A Managed Service Providers will keep an eyeful watch on your business for a small monthly fee. It’s the perfect IT support for small companies.


How is Managed Service different from traditional IT support?

  • The biggest difference is a managed service provider constantly and proactively monitors and updates your network to ensure issues don’t arise in the first place.


  • Also, a noteworthy difference would be the pricing. With traditional IT services, you pay hundreds just to determine the issue. Then it can rise to thousands for working on a solution and prevention. With Managed Provider Services or MSP you pay a flat rate for monitoring, prevention, and solution.


Hopefully, this delivered the information needed of what exactly a MSP offers and how Managed Service Providers are beneficial to small businesses. For any questions or a quote for you business please contact us at contactus@itaccuracy.com

Managed Service

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