Desktop as a Service (DaaS) also known as Hosted Desktop or Virtual Desktop, enables our customers to outsource their desktop infrastructure to secure and robust data-centers  while still using their existing computers or any other internet capable devices such as iPads, SmartPhones, Android etc...We only work with market leaders such as Amazon AWS and VMware Cloud infrastructure. We setup and maintain your Workspaces which are purchased on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.


I.T. Accuracy manages the back-end maintenance and monitoring with the data storage, backup, security and upgrades of your desktops. You no longer need to be worried about administration costs, patching operating systems, storage and all admin tasks that are required for any onsite systems. 


We are specialized in migrating in-house desktops to DaaS partner provider which best suits your business needs. All your documents are backed up with a continuous backup system included with your Workspace package. All traffic from your computer/device to your Workspace is highly encrypted. If your local system crashes you no longer need to wait all day until your computer technician arrives to restore all your data back to your new system, it's all in cloud!


Along with our Workspace offering we often work with Thin/Zero Clients, which are desktops with a core or no Operating System (like Windows or MacOS). The objective of using these devices is to reduce vulnerability to viruses or trojans and minimize maintenance. When used in con junction with hosted desktops we achieve nearly 100% hassle free Workspace environment so you can focus on been profitable while we take care of annuances in the background. 



Advantages of using a hosted desktop:


  • Keep your money in the bank - It's offered as a subscription service - take it like an utility bill. No up-front investment and hardware depreciation. 
  • Securely Managed Data - All your data is centrally stored and backed up 
  • Work from anywhere from any device - Your Workspace is always available, no matter what device you use or what location you're at. 
  • Maintenance Free - All maintenance such as upgrades, backup, reboots are handled by us. 
  • Stay Productive - It's no big deal if your local system crashes anymore! 
  • Flexible Pricing - Easily add or remove your Workspaces as you hire or fire employees. 
  • Thin/Zero Clients - No need to purchase expensive overkill computers for users  that only need to work with basic apps. 

"No need to invest thousands of dollars on expensive nearly obsolete systems, risk of data compromising and limiting your business productivity. We offer you our secret sauce for success and headache free environment: Workspaces! Call us today