Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Cloud Infrastructure Services, are cloud self-service models for compute (virtualized or bare metal), storage, networking service. Instead of a up-front investment in expensive hardware outright, customers can purchase IaaS based on a pay-as-you-go subscription-based model, equivalent to any utility bills we are all used to pay at the end of each month.  


Then you ask, what's the advantage of cloud computing? There are several advantages of migrating your on-premisses hardware to the cloud, some of them are :


  • Capital Expenditure  - No high hardware cost. With a predictable pay as you grow model you can increase or decrease your bill based on monthly consumption
  • Disaster Recovery - Implementing a disaster recovery plan for your on-premisses infrastructure costs a fortune! Most businesses fail to to achieve a robust disaster recovery plan. With an reliable IaaS forget about all that, if your office has an power or internet outage send your employees home or any other location with a internet connection to be fully back in business. 
  • Automatic software updates - Its wonderful not having to maintain or patch your on-premisses system anymore. Updates causes issues as most of us know. The cloud brings headache-free apps updates with nearly 100% assurance. 
  • Flexibility - Ideal for businesses with growth fluctuation. Keep in mind that if you don't need a specific application or cloud server anymore, it's as easy as right click and deleting an existing cloud service on a web portal to scale down your IaaS infrastructure and reduce your bill on the following month. 
  • Work from anywhere - As long as you have an internet connection you are able to access your cloud infrastructure just like as if you were in your office. 
  • Reduced Energy Consumption - Big servers and network equipment don't seem to consume much power but believe us, you will notice a substantial decrease on your power bill after migrating to cloud and powering down all that hardware. 
  • Security - Cloud computing provides you peace of mind with your business data. It doesn't matter if your laptop got stolen (at least in the data compromising stand point) all data is stored on highly available data-centers across the globe. Vendors we word with allow us to highly encrypt all traffic sent across the wire to their data-centers so your password doesn't get compromised either. 


I.T. Accuracy has partnership with all cloud provider leaders such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud. 

Based on our experience working with Enterprise cloud vendors have allowed us to delivery cloud services/applications that meet all advantages described above with top-notch technical support. We simply don't go cheap with our customers, we play a fair and win-win game with our valuable customers. Not convinced yet? Confused with all this mambo-jumbo? Give us call