Microsoft Office 365 is a no-brainer.  It works seamlessly with the applications you're already familiar, including Excel, Outlook, Word, OneNote, Publisher and PowerPoint. All programs provide exactly the same great features you rely on. With Microsoft Office 365 you can see if others are editing the document you're working on, check documents in and out using the online repository, synchronize documents with your Windows or Mac system.


Microsoft takes security very seriously at their data centers. With Office 365, you can use the same infrastructure that enterprises worldwide use to protect their email and documents.


Another huge advantage of the Software as a Service email system is that it doesn't require any investment on advanced IT knowledge. Office 365 administration is designed for organizations without an IT department. You can easily manage user's mailboxes and documents.


Office 365 was built from the ground up for resiliency, availability and performance. Its data centers are Geo-redundant, enterprise-grade reliability, With a guaranteed 99.9% up-time and backed service level agreement.