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Network Assessment:

Several companies IT staff nowadays lack on documentation and SOP (Standard Operational Procedures) when making changes to the infrastructure. The consequences can be catastrophic such as: weak passwords easy to break, loss of data, decreased performance, security breaches and extensive time to solve reoccurring issues which the solution should be document. A Network Assessment is a full inventory of your infrastructure, including all red flags and our recommendations. We leverage latest software to scan your whole network during our assessment.

Our Network Assessment will allow your IT staff to start fresh with the right foot!

You will be provided with the following reports and documents after a Network Assessment completion:

Full Detailed Report

Basic Security Vulnerability Report

Asset Detailed Report

Network Routers, Switches, Wi-Fi Access Points and Firewall Detailed Report

Server Room Microsoft Visio Diagram

Executive Report

Recommendations Report

After Network Assessment is ready, we schedule an in-person onsite final meeting with project stakeholders. Once all deliverables are in hands, you can either use your internal team or engage IT Accuracy team to assist you implementing our recommendations.


IT Consulting & Project Services

No matter what project or service you need, we have the right resource and technology for you. Our experienced Project Managers and Architects are ready for planning, executing and closing projects successfully. Our job is to meet your business needs.

These are some of the projects that IT Accuracy team have exposure to: Design and configure a new network environment, Servers and Workstations refresh…We have experts certified in Microsoft, VMware, AWS, Cisco, Google and other major technology providers.

Learn more about our Managed IT Services

Cloud Migrations

Cloud Migration is the process of moving your corporate data and business applications to a cloud provider such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware Cloud.

Once your data and Apps are in the cloud, all your corporate info lives physically on a datacenter hosted by these major IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers.

The cloud environment delivers the best combination of security, interoperability, availability, flexibility and cost savings for your IT budget.

We are experts at migrating our clients to the cloud. This is what we do best. Once migration is completed we achieve a win-win game where you as the customer benefits for the best of what technology can offer without any disruptions while we maintain a robust and secure infrastructure for you 24/7.

Some cloud migration projects are: on-premise to cloud environment, Microsoft Office 365 (email) and Physical to cloud desktops.


IT Security Services & Penetration Test

Security has become a critical concern in the modern world. Even a poorly configured printer can present a security breach on a corporate network.

Our security experts have well documented procedures which are followed systematically when on-boarding or assessing a customer’s network.

From the most basic concepts such as educating the users on not to click on malicious links to implementing MFA (Multi-Factor-Authentication) systems, we strive to secure the whole infrastructure with the latest technology available on the market.

A penetration test, or pen-test, is a simulation of an attacker (hacker) to evaluate the security of a business IT infrastructure by exploiting its vulnerabilities. Security breaches exist on operating systems, network appliances such as routers, firewalls, switches and Wi-Fi access points, applications and even a network printer.

Pen-tests are usually performed using manual or automated technologies to scan for servers, workstations, laptops, applications, wireless networks, network devices, tablets for potential security exposures. Once these vulnerabilities have been successfully exploited on a particular system, tester professional can use that system as a gateway to get in into the network using others exploits and explorer further breaches.

After completion of penetration testing, a document is provided to the IT Executive in charge and further discussed with the security or engineers team. After the team have made strategic conclusions, remediation efforts are taken based on a priority level approach.

There are several benefits of a Penetration Test. These are some relevant ones:

Prevent Data Loss

Avoid Network Outages

Increase IT Team Effectiveness on Remediating and Preventing Issues

Be Proactive as Opposed to Reactive towards Infections and Malicious Codes

Why Should I Perform a Pen-Test?

Security breaches are extremely costly for any business. Preventing application and data interruptions should be the primary goal of IT team. Failing to secure your IT infrastructure can result in direct financial losses, erode customer loyalties, ruin your reputation with customers and trigger significant fines and penalties.

A Pen-test assesses an organization’s ability to protect its users, networks and data from external and internal attacks.

It is nearly impossible to secure all information 24/7. Typically, organizations implement various layers of defensive mechanism such as: IPS, IDS, Firewalls, user access controls. However, new technologies and breaches are been discovered every day, therefor is extremely difficult to prevent all attacks and eliminate all organization’s vulnerabilities against all types of security risks on the web.


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