I.T. Accuracy infrastructure assessment will include in-depth networking, data usage, red-flags, configuration and performance reports. Our goal is to allign your business infrastructure with our best practices standards per each vendor.

Just few years ago most customers found virtualization a very skeptical and abstract world. Since 1960s virtualization has been evolving and maturing.  Now days over 90% of all data-centers in the world are virtualized. At I.T. Accuracy we have experts who have been working with big vendors like VMware, Citrix and Microsoft for decades.

Project Management in IT is critical for a successful project. Our professionals are highly trained. Using advanced software we share and coordinate every task progress with you, making sure that we get the job done in an effective manner is essential to us.

Security has become top priority for all business infrastructure. We work on the breach statistics and analysis for your industry. After a full risk management assessment we work on hardening your environment with basic processes and advanced technology to avoid any security breaches.

Starting a new business or moving to a new location? We can help you designing your new network with our Cisco certified engineers. Having a solid network since the start will provide an easy and predictable network to change configuration or troubleshoot it.