Network Design Overview 


Computers and information networks are critical to the success of the business, both large and small. They connect people, support applications and services, and provide access to the resources that keep the business running. In order to meet business requirements, networks are becoming more complex every day. 


Without a stable network your employees can't access their LoB (Line of Business Applications) and be operational. They must be available nearly 100% of the time. It has to be smart enough to proactively protect your network against unexpected security incidents and even physical vulnerabilities.  


Building a Solid Network



Stable networks are not designed by accident. They are the result of hard and meticulous work by network designers and engineers, who identify network requirements, red flags and select the best solutions to meet your business needs. 


Critical steps to design a solid network are:

  1. Verify business goals and requirements
  2. Determine the features and functions required to achieve needs from step 1. 
  3. Perform a detailed network assessment 
  4. Design a solution and site acceptance test plan
  5. Create a project plan 






Network Fundamental Requirements 


If examined carefully, all network requirements are broken down into four fundamental network design goals: 

  • Availability: Network should have nearly 100% of availability. Plan for redundancy and resiliency. Consider facts such as: equipment failure, overloaded conditions, failed links. 
  • Security: The network must be secure. It should protect the data that has been transit from peer to peer. 
  • Scalability: Network should be easily scalable for future growth.
  • Manageability: Troubleshooting issues should be an easy task for any Network Engineer.


The Benefits of a Well-Designed Network 


Following all four network designing fundamentals, at I.T. Accuracy our certified Cisco Engineers are ready to delivery optimal network designs and implementations. One of our top priorities when designing networks is standardization and documentation. We use top-notch software to accomplish that. Give us a try and we guarantee not to disappoint your expectations!