Project management has a significant role in a variety of industries such as engineering, construction, marketing, research, IT operations and much more. Therefor when we question ourselves what  Project management really is, in a nutshell is getting things done with the planned timing.


To further explain what an IT Project management is, it helps to consider a few more questions. What is an IT project? What are some tasks associated with it? How about an IT Project management methodology? 


What  is an IT Project?  As implied above, an IT Project can be any type of project that deals with IT infrastructure (cloud or on-premisses), information systems and computer technology.  It can include anything from Web development, programing a simple application, hardware refresh, installation of new routers, e-mail system migrations. 


These are some IT Project categories:


  • Infrastructure 
  • Software Development 
  • Assessment 
  • Service 
  • Change Management 
  • System Deployment/Migrations
  • Research 

IT Project Management Activities 


First steps of any Project management within the world of IT involve assessing, prioritizing and planning potential IT projects. Including but not limited to determining the scope of work and available resources, assigning tasks to the resources and setting expectations for a project milestones. An IT Project manager can expect to take on other project management activities including coordinating the project workload and workflows, managing the tasks and making sure resources are completing them on the expected timeline, facilitating communication and collaboration between team members, producing project deliverables and measuring project's results.


What it takes to be a Project Manager


At I.T. Accuracy we value our professionals. Being a PM isn't easy. Project management is a fast-paced and stressful job. Conflicting deadlines and priorities that do not allow for much breathing space. It comes with lots of uncertainty, Project managers often have to become improvising masters; constantly juggling resources, deadlines, deliverables and priorities to ensure their projects align with business strategy. 


Other challenges faced by our Project Managers on a daily basis: 


  • Demanding Schedules 
  • Requirement for exceptional organization 
  • Internal and external conflicts

Our PM's are well equipped to meet all challenges described above and more.